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HPC discusses abortion and its consequences
HPC discusses abortion and its consequences
Sunday, 29 April 2018

The Higher Population Council discussed a working paper on abortion and its health, legal and religious dimensions in Jordan with concerned national parties to shed light on the causes, consequences, dimensions of abortion and the religious and legal opinions regarding abortion.  

HPC Secretary General Engineer Maysoon Al Zoubi, stressed the importance of this meeting in having a clear perspective on abortion and explained that the opinion regarding this issue is derived from Islamic Sharia and related laws. She further noted that this paper is essential for shaping a position toward abortion and how reproductive health can be enhanced and women can be protected against pregnancy and abortion risks.

Al Zoubi underscored the need to address abortion within the framework of sustainable development to ensure appropriate health and welfare for all and access to reproductive health services without obstacles.

At the meeting, a host of Jordanian experts presented several topics for discussion including the definition of abortion, cases which the ministry of health deals with, indications and causes of abortion, the medical and legal ethics of handling abortion cases, and the medical and religious point of views regarding abortion.