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Higher Population Council Is convening an introductory meeting for media professionals entitled; "Statistical Indicators for Media Professionals"
Higher Population Council Is convening an introductory meeting for media professionals entitled; "Statistical Indicators for Media Professionals"
Wednesday, 1 March 2023

The Higher Population Council, in cooperation with the Jordan News Agency - Petra and with the support of the United Nations Population Fund, organized a two-day meeting for a number of media professionals representing various media outlets under the title "statistical indicators for media professionals". This meeting was attended by twenty-four participants from the Jordan News Agency, the Jordan Media Institute, Alrai newspaper, Alghad newspaper, Addustour newspaper, Al-Mamlaka channel, Roya channel, Jordanian television, Jordanian radio, the University of Jordan radio, Ammon website, Khaberni website and the Association of The Jordanian Women's Solidarity Institute Association.

The meeting was commenced by Ms. Fairouz Al-Mubaideen, director of Jordan News Agency-Petra, who praised the cooperation with the general secretariat of the Higher Population Council in the field of building the knowledge and technical skills necessary for media professionals to employ digital information when dealing with population issues related to sustainable development in a professional manner to enlighten decision makers and sensitize the public. The secretary general of the Higher Population Council, Dr. Issa Al-Masarwah, said that the ultimate goal of this meeting is to enhance the knowledge of media professionals about national and global digital statistical indicators and increase their use of them in their work.

The secretary-general and his assistant, Mrs. Rania Al-Abadi, presented four lectures at this meeting on: the forms and types of statistical indicators and differentiating them in terms of name and significance, composite global statistical indicators, Composite statistical indicators in measuring the performance of the vision of economic modernization, and indicators of the Global Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030.

The meeting program included a prior and post electronic information competition presented by engineer Eid Al-Manaseer from the general secretariat of the council, and two lectures from the Department of statistics presented by Ms. Jihan Mousa and Ms. Manal khafsh on local and international data sources and components of the Department of Statistics website and how to use it to access statistics in various fields. Dr. Saher shakhidef gave a lecture on the indicators of the health system according to their levels, while media expert Ziad Al-Rubaie gave a lecture on common mistakes and media models when dealing with statistics in media materials.

The meeting was punctuated by a discussion and questions during which the lecturers answered the queries of the participating media professionals, who in turn thanked and appreciated the organizers of the meeting for the good organization and the new scientific and applied knowledge provided by the experts, which will be reflected in the improvement of the various media materials they produce that serve the Jordanian development work