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The Higher Population Council and the National Coalition Party hold a dialogue meeting on the current demographic status of the population in Jordan.
The Higher Population Council and the National Coalition Party hold a dialogue meeting on the current demographic status of the population in Jordan.
Thursday, 11 January 2024

The Higher Population Council plan of action for 2024 includes meetings with Jordanian political parties with the purpose of reviewing the demographic scene in Jordan and discussing ways to address the challenges relevant to this scene. The Higher Population Council commenced its plan for this year with a meeting held at the head office of the National Coalition Party NPC on January 10th , 2024. During the meeting, HPC Secretary-General Professor Dr. Issa Al-Masarwa reviewed all aspects of the current demographic situation of the Jordanian population and related challenges in a number of sectors and their relevance to the sustainable development goals.

Through these meetings, HPC seeks to inform and update political parties of the most recent and projected demographic changes in Jordan and their impacts on all sectors and on social, economic and environmental needs in accordance with the royal vision which calls on communication, coordination and cooperation between official and civil state institutions, and of the expected role of political parties in contributing to achieving a comprehensive national development throughout the Kingdom. Such development will be achieved by including, in its programs, the developmental challenges interconnected to the demographic situation. Consequently, HPC acknowledges the significant role of the programs presented by the parties in preparation for their participation in the upcoming elections, and the parties’ continuous endeavour to establish the groundwork of democratic political action based on the strategic priorities of Jordan founded on digital evidence and extensive participation of the people through civil society institutions and headed by political parties.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Mustafa Al-Amawi, Secretary-General of the National Coalition Party (NCP). Also present were Dr. Muhammad Al-Sarhan, NCP Deputy Secretary-General; Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafra, head of the Youth Department; Dr. Basil Al-Shaer, NCP secretary/member of the Political Bureau; Mr. Rakez Al-Khalayleh,  head of the Local Government Department, and Engineer Ibrahim Al-Assaf, head of NCP branch in Amman; Dr. Nisreen Al-Hamdani, head of the Women’s File Committee; Mr. Jalal Al-Faouri, Administrative Director and Dr. Munther Rabah, member of the Education Committee. Dr. Issa Al-Masarwa, HPC Secretary-General, gave a briefing supported with statistics and evidence about the current demographic and family scene in Jordan and its current and expected impacts on all Jordanian sectors and needs. Dr. Masarwa indicated that among the tasks of HPC are to monitor all aspects of the current and projected demographic scene in Jordan, employing, updating, interpreting, and assigning data on the national dialogue agenda in order to shed light on its implications on all aspects of development. Among the tasks of HPC  also was conducting and publishing studies to come up with fact sheets and policy briefs based on digital evidence in order to shed light on the process of political, social  and economic policies and decision-making service, as well as stimulating national political and party dialogues on the demographic scene to serve national interests.

On his part, Dr. Mustafa Al-Amawi, National Coalition Party Secretary General commended HPC initiative in holding meetings with the parties in order to be more informed on the current demographic situation in Jordan. Dr. Al-Amawi pointed out that the national program was prepared and ready, and that work is underway to prepare the electoral program of NCP  which is to include a number of files interrelated to education, health, youth, women, work, agriculture, and other files linked to society which are to be announced in the near future. Dr. Al-Amawi stated that the party will strive to achieve these goals while stressing the importance of holding such meetings to focus on national demographic issues of significance in the program of NCP.