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HPC discusses its achievements and the framework of its action plan for 2020
HPC discusses its achievements and the framework of its action plan for 2020
Sunday, 15 September 2019

During a meeting held today, Sunday, chaired by the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Dr.  Mohamad Al-Ississ, and attended by a number of ministers and representatives of relevant national entities, members of HPC’s Board of Trustees discussed HPC’s achievements according to its strategic goals and general framework of its action plan for 2020.

HPC’s Secretary, Dr. Abla Amwai, along with the members has reviewed HPC’s achievements and the general framework of its action plan for 2020. Amawi stated that HPC’s strategy involved three key entry points for action which are an enabling environment of supporting national and local strategies, the institutional level and the individual or community level. Furthermore, HPC's action plan relies upon universal and national references such as Sustainable Development Goals 2030, ICPD goals, Jordan Vision 2025 and sectoral national plans.

In regard to HPC’s most important achievements, Amawi stated that national and universal partnerships have been built to incorporate the demographic dimension in developmental planning in order to find balance between population growth and economic growth as well as empower women and consider the implications of forced migration and immigration and address these issues in a comprehensive manner that reflects on the priorities and policies as a basic human right. In addition, the League of Arab States granted its approval to Jordan’s initiative for establishing an Arab council for population and development under the auspices of the League which will be announced next month in Jordan.

Amawi noted that HPC is currently conducting a number of national discussions to prepare for the “International Conference on Population and Development - A Promise Expedited” which will take place in Nairobi - Kenya next November to evaluate the international situation and achievements 25 years after the obligations expressed to be assumed by the countries in ICPD 1994 and the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 which marked a major transformation in the way of thinking in relation to the issue of population away from the specific demographic objectives. Amawi also urged for focus on the rights of individuals and their equality, integrity and wellbeing during their life to be increased.